Social Media Tips for Teachers

Social media dos and don't for educators

Social media can be like the Wild West. It presents a world of opportunity. But it also presents the opportunity for a wide range of trouble.


For educators, social media can be a tremendous tool to reach students, parents and enhance classroom instruction.  

Yet, there’s also no shortage of stories involving teachers using poor judgment, making ill-advised posts, and even losing their jobs as a result.

 While it’s wise to be careful and cautious online, there’s no need to be afraid. Here are some ways to ensure you're using social media correctly: 

Six Ways to Avoid Those Social Media Landmines

National Education Association

Does your district have a technology and social media policy? If so, read it and follow it to the letter.

Social Networking Nightmares

National Education Association

The First Amendment provides freedom of speech and expression. But if you’re a teacher, that doesn’t mean anything goes on social media.

Engaging Your School Community Through Social Media


The need for teachers to communicate and engage students and parents is crucial. If used right, social media can be a useful tool in meeting that need.

Why Teachers Should Be on Social Media

Common Sense Education

For some educators, social media can seem a scary place, full of potential pitfalls. Yet, for many teachers, social media is an instrumental tool in reaching their students and ensuring their needs are being met.

10 Social Media Rules for Teachers

American Board

Curious about incorporating social media into your classroom instruction, but worried by the negative stories associated with the platforms? Here some measures that’ll ensure you reap the rewards and avoid the risks.

Social Media In Education: Benefits, Drawbacks and Things to Avoid

Concordia University

When it comes to using social media as a classroom educator, poor judgment could be professionally costly.

22 Ways To Use Social Media In Your Classroom

The Edvocate

Social media, like it or not, is a reality. And as long as your students are on it, why not use it to their advantage and benefit? 

Social Media for Teachers: Guides, Resources, and Ideas


Social media is more than just a place for cat videos. It can be a helpful educational resource too. Here’s why some teachers say social media is useful:

The Dos and Dont’s of Social Media for Teachers

We Are Teachers

Social media can make you a better teacher by reaching and inspiring students with innovative lesson plans. It can also cause headaches if you’re reckless. Here are some things to keep in mind while online.