Discount Program for New NYSUT Educators

To help you fulfill your CTLE hours requirement and your professional learning goals, we are offering NYSUT educators in their second through fifth years of membership 50% off select online seminars good for 8 CTLE hours.


Registration Process

This discount program is available exclusively to new NYSUT members who are in their second through fifth years of membership. Successful registration requires access to your NYSUT member ID number and the creation of a My NYSUT account if you don't already have one.

50% Off Seminars For New Educators

Members in their second through fifth years of union membership receive 50% off one, 8-hour, stand-alone online seminar.

This offer is limited to one free seminar per member. Discounted seminar registrations are limited; this offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Read our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Classroom Management Procedures

This seminar explores seamless integration of transitions, routines for handling materials and supplies, and performance of non-instructional duties.

Effective Instructional Outcomes

In this seminar, participants will create and analyze instructional outcomes that represent high expectations and rigor, build on prior learning, and connect to other disciplines.

Enhancing Content and Pedagogical Knowledge

This seminar explores how participants can improve their content backgrounds, pedagogy, resources, and professional responsibilities in their specific content areas.

Promoting Student Engagement

This seminar explores activities and assignments that promote deep learning, engage all students, and encourage students to initiate or adapt activities to enhance their understanding.

Physical Therapy

Are you a first-year NYSUT Member?

NYSUT educators in their first year of membership are eligible for one free online seminar that will earn 5 CTLE hours.

More Professional Learning & Support from NYSUT

Professional Learning

Through the NYSUT Education & Learning Trust, we offer a wide variety of affordable, flexible professional learning opportunities designed to help our members obtain CTLE and more.


New York State certification requirements can be daunting. Thankfully, your union has an office that’s specifically devoted to guiding our members through the certification process.